I love when I see signs of growth. I am a gardener and after living in Phoenix for many years I was delighted to move back up to the Pacific Northwest with my wife and return to the land of green. I once had a neighbor who had to tell me “that’s a weed” when my yard got a little out of hand. I didn’t want to root out anything that way green, but sometimes you do have to limit it. I also once nursed a green growing thing out front only to later find out it was a monkey-puzzle tree:( If you’ve ever seen one you will understand I didn’t mourn when it died).

But in my garden plot and pots today I can revel in the new growth I see. I am doing more vegetables this time and am delighted with the newbies. I have one cucumber about ready to pick and then discovered 3-4 more little ones (see picture above). I have my usual cherry tomato plants and this year the yellow ones are doing better than the red (see below).

And I am trying squash this year for the first time and it is really taking off. I planted one start which the rabbits and snails gobbled quickly. Then I got smart and put up fence protection for the second plant and it is really taking off! I am amazed at the leaves, flowers, and budding squash. The leaves are huge and though I am not a squash connoiseur I look forward to tasting the fruits of my efforts. I have already harvested a bunch of radishes – my best haul so far.

Seeing green growth is rewarding, exciting, and helps remind me that despite all the depressing and horrid news of the world there is still beauty to behold if we only take time to look for it.