I want to start a habit of blog posts every day for at least the next year. I have been stymied by a lack of what to write but then I got an idea. I have always been fascinated by significant dates – like August 6th and 8th for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan or July 14th for Bastille Day. So I thought ‘why not comment on some historic event on each day?”. And since I don’t want to make it an arbitrary day – like a New Year’s resolution – I will begin today. And of course, that means that the first event I will highlight is my and my wife’s anniversary.

On this date 28 years ago my wife and I got married, in front of a Christmas tree, because we got married on the Friday after Christmas and the lady’s house we got married in was still decorated for Christmas. We had luminaries spaced out on the walkway outside and face the Christmas tree as well as a candelabra with plenty of candles. It was a small gathering with simple food and good friends and family. I sang two songs for my bride since I had always wanted to sing at my wedding. She had not heard one of the songs I had composed myself until I sang it.

I had just about given up on being married before we met. And then we dated for a few years before we got over our commitment issues and took the plunge. At the time people said “at last” and “finally”. Since we had known each other for years before we got married, all the usual newlywed issues had already been resolved. We still had adjustments and new things to learn about each other.

We are true soulmates and continue to grow in our love for each other. This is the most significant day of the year and always will be. It is Friday, December 30th. 28 years on to forever.