I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and love rain, mountains with snow, beaches with tidepools, and trees everywhere—almost heaven. My Dad retired while I was in high school, so my parents and I moved to Arizona, which was close to the other extreme. I kept leaving and coming back during my college years, but then left for good when I married my sweet Virginia-born wife and realized we were tree starved in the desert.

I majored in history and poli-sci in college but ended up working in the complex world of medical insurance, which I have done for over 30 years. I was also a chemistry student, derailed by calculus. Today my experimentation is largely culinary.

Toastmasters International has helped me to continually sharpen my speaking and leadership skills, helping others to tell their stories. I want to inspire others to explore, experiment, and express their values so that together we can change the world.

This has led me to start blogging. I hope that what I share here resonates with you and encourages you to examine yourself, believe in yourself, and share with others how you see the world and ways we can make it better.