Have you ever heard the term “It was the best thing since sliced bread”? Well, today we can celebrate that since on this date in 1928 the first sliced bread went on sale in Missouri. It was timed to coincide with the birthday of Otto Frederick Rohwedder, the American inventor and engineer who invented it – he was born in 1880. The first military draft occurred during the Civil War in 1863, not popular – there were draft riots – and exemptions could be had for $300. And in 1981 President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to the US Supreme Court, the first woman to ever hold that position.

In 1860 the composer of the “Planets” Austrian Gustav Mahler was born. In 1933 noted American historian and author David McCullough was born. Former Beattle Ringo Starr came along in 1940 and multiple US Figure Skating champion Michele Kwan began her rise to the top in 1980.

The founder of the colony -later state – of Connecticut Thomas Hooker died in 1647. He helped found the colony after a falling out with the authorities of Massachusetts Bay Colony. The author of Heidi, Swiss author Johanna Spry, passed away in 1901. And that mystery maker detective and creator Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wrote his last in 1930.

Sweet time, today is World Chocolate Day:)