Expansion attempts begin as Georgia provincial governor James Oglethorpe unsuccessfully attempts to take Spanish Florida during the siege of St Augustine in 1740. Later, in 1774, Rhode Island becomes the first colony to ban the importation of slaves. In 1966 the US Supreme Court decides in Miranda v Arizona that police must read a person their rights upon arrest before taking them into custody – specifically the right to remain silent. The next year, 1967, President Johnson appoints then-Solicitor General and former civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall as the first African American Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. And in 1971 the New York Times begins its publication of the Pentagon Papers, revealing the real story behind US actions in the Vietnam War.

In medieval times there were interesting naming conventions for rulers, seen by two born on this date: Charles the Bald in 823 AD and Charles the Fat in 839 AD, both Holy Roman Emperors – no notice of whether they chose those names or their subjects did:). Irish poet W.B.Yeats was born in 1865 and South African-born British-American iconic actor Basil Rathbone was born in 1892. As was brilliant mathematician John Forbes Nash, subject of the biographical film A Beautiful Mind.

Other actors and actresses born this date include the Waltons Richard Thomas (1951), Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgaard (1951), from Mama Mia and Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story’s Tim Allen (1953), and Ally Sheedy (1962) of Wargames and Breakfast Club.

On this date we also bid farewell to clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman (1986), Mercury Seven astronaut Deke Slayton (1993), journalist, author and host of Meet the Press Tim Russert (2008), actor and sausage seller Jimmy Dean 2010), and Pittsburgh Steeler great coach Chuck Noll (2014).