James Oglethorpe was granted a royal charter in 1732 for the colony that would ultimately become the state of Georgia. Five hundred Mormon pioneers left Iowa City, Iowa for Utah on the Mormon trail in 1856. Indian nationalist Birsa Munda died of cholera in a British prison in 1900. And William Jennings Bryan resigned his position as Secretary of State over the handling by President Wilson in the aftermath of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1915.

Charles Kingsford Smith completed the first trans-Pacific flight in his Fokker Trimotor monoplane the Southern Cross in 1925. The first nuclear powered ballistic missle submarine ,the USS George Washington, was launched in 1959. And after 148 years of practice the Mormon church finally admitted African Americans to the priesthood in 1978.

Russian Tsar Peter the Great was born on this date in 1672, as was American composer Cole Porter in 1891, American guitarist Les Paul in1915, and Vietnam Wae era US Secretary of State Robert McNamara in 1916. The cofounder of the Seattle Seahawks, Herbert Sarkowsky, was born in 1925, and shared this birthdate with 3 actors Johnny Depp (1963), Michael J Fox (1961) and Natalie Portman (1981).

The world said goodbye and good riddance to Roman Emperor Nero in 68 AD. British author Charles Dickens put down his pen for the last time in 1870. And Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, aka Adam West, climbed his last building in 2017.