Ironically a monk, John Cor, recorded the first known batch of Scotch whiskey in 1495. Louis Brandies became the first Jew to be appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1916. The first international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty were filed in 1978. And US President George Bush Sr and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed a treaty in 1990 to end chemical weapons production.

On this date in 1801 Mormon leader Bringham Young was born. We also welcomed to the world Russian composer Mikhael Glinka (1804), US Supreme Court Justice Johna Marshall Harlan (1833), and Scottish physician Henry Faulds (18430 who developed fingerprinting.

There were numerous actors and actresses born on this date, including Mayberry’s own Andy Griffith and starlet Marilyn Monroe, both born in 1926, crooner Pat Boone (1934), stern but kind leader actor Morgan Freeman (1937), and out of this world Deep Space Nine’s Odo Rene Auberjonos (1940).

We bid farewell to our 15th President James Buchanan (1868), our 28th Vice President Thomas R Marshall (1925), who served under Wilson, American philosopher John Dewey (1952), and Helen Keller (1968).

This is both International Children’s Day and Global Day of Parents. It is World Milk Day, so drink a glass and National Tree Planting Day in Cambodia, but feel free to plant one wherever in the world you are – it is good for all of us.