Sometimes the news gets delayed and that happened this weekend while I was out of town. So today you will get the news events for April 29th and for April 30th. On April 29th in history in 1770 British Captain James Cook arrived in Australia at Botany Bay which he named. In 1826 Scottish astronomer James Dunlop discovered the Centaurus A galaxy, which contains Alpha Centauri which is the closest star system to Earth. And in 1986 the US Navy aircraft carrier went through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea – the first to complete such a trip.

In 1968 the musical Hair opened at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway. In 1986 a fire at the Central library of the Los Angeles library system damaged or destroyed 400,000 books and other items. And in 1997 finally the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 goes into effect, outlawing the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons by its signatories -almost eighty years after their massive use in the trench warfare of WWI.

People who shared April 19th as a birthdate include : Tsar Alexander II of Russia (1818); yellow journalism publisher William Randolph Hearst (1863); American jazz great Duke Ellington (1899); and two creative standouts Rod McKuen and Willie Nelson, both born in 1933.

We said goodbye to American thriller producer Alfred Hitchcock (1980); American journalist and author Mike Royko (1997); American-Canadian economist and diplomat John Kenneth Galbraith (2006), and funnyman actor Bob Hoskins (2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Hook).

It is appropriately Day of Remembrance for all the victims of chemical warfare (UN) . And UNESCO declared in 1945 that this would be recognized as International Dance Day.