There were some firsts on this date: The Coinage Act was passed by Congress in 1792 establishing the US Mint. Beethoven lead the premiere of his First Symphony in Vienna in 1800. The Electric Theater in LA became the first movie theater in the US in 1902. And in Australia in 1911 the Bureau of Statistics conducts the first national census of the country.

In 1917 President Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war against Germany. In 1992 Mafia boss John Gotti was convicted of murder and racketeering and later sentenced to life in prison. And in 2020 the word-wide total of covid-19 cases reached 1 million.

Frankish King Charlemagne was born in 747 AD. Danish author Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. And the inventor of weaving machines, Erastus Bringham Bigelow, was born in 1814. It is also the birthdate of bold French journalist Emile Zola (J’accuse, 1840) who spoke against anti-semitism in France and began the process of freeing unjustly jailed captain Albert Dreyfuss.

Multiple actors were born on this date: Buddy Ebsen (1908 Beverly Hillbiliies), Alec Guinness (1914 Star Wars, Bridge over the River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago), Pedro Pascal (1975, Star Wars and Mandalorian), and Michael Fassbender (1977 X-Men).

Those who passed on this date include the 2nd Shai Imam -Hasan ibn Ali (670 AD), the inventor of Morse code – Samuel Morse (1872), one of our most recent popes – Pope John Paul II (2005), and a religious leader linked to a modern opulent place of worship, the Crystal Cathedral – Robert Schuller (2015).

This date is remembered as World Children’s Book Day and World Autism Awareness Day.