In 660 BC this date was the officially recognized date for the establishment of Japan by Emperor Jimmu. In 1534 Henry VIII secured the final split from the Roman Catholic Church by being recognized as the supreme head of the Church of England. And in 1929 the Kingdom of Italy and the Vatican signed the Lateran Treaty, recognizing each other as having their own spheres of influence and control on the Italian peninsula. Also, later on in 2013, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI would resign the papacy due to his advanced age – which resulted in two living people having served or serving as pope with the choice of the new pope.

The prison doors were opened for Nelson Mandela in 1990 after 27 years as a political prisoner. The US Senate opened its doors for a session to the public for the first time in 1794. And the term gerrymandering was first used in response to actions by Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry (where we get the name, obviously).

A sit-down strike by auto workers in Flint, Michigan ended on this date in 1937 with a victory when General Motors recognized the United Auto Workers Union. The BBC – later to be known as the home of Doctor Who – produced the world’s first science fiction program. And not long ago (2020) the WHO – World Health Organization officially names the coronavirus outbreak Covid-19 and we have been dealing with that bug ever since.:(

In 1466 on this date Elizabeth of York, who later married Henry VII Lancaster and formed the house of Tudor was born. She also cooincendately died on the same date in 1503 shortly after giving birth to her 7th child. The great American inventor Thomas Edison was born this date in 1847. And Tammy Baldwin, the first openly LGBT member of Congress (first House, then Senate) was born in 1962.

There were a number of actors and actresses that call this day their birthday: Tina Louise (Ginger on Gilligan’s Island ,1934); Burt Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit, 1936); Natalie Dormer (Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, 1982); and Taylor Lautner (Twilight, 1992).

In addition to Tammy Baldwin there were some other well known political or politically spouting figures born; presidential son and brother and former Florida governor Jeb Bush (1953); former Alaskan governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin (1964); and conspiratorialist and lowlife with a microphone Alex Jones (1974).

There was also the tunes and lyrics of singer Sheryl Crow that began in 1962.

We tragically lost the melodious, stellar voice of Whitney Houston – hard to believe it was over a decade ago in 2012. And Sylvia Plath, poet, novelist , and short story writer, left us in 1963.

We lost some great thinkers and writers on this date: French mathematician and philosopher Rene Decartes (I think, therefore I am , 1650); French physicist Leon Foucalt (pendulum, 1868); Frank Herbert (Dune, 1986); and Peter Benchley (Jaws, 2006).

This day is recognized as Inventors Day in the US (thanks to Thomas Edison) and International Day of Women and Girls in Science, by the United Nations.