On this day in 1933 construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, to carry traffic on Hwy 101 across and through the metro area and over a dangerous strait. Like other bridges it enhanced connections and for a a long time was the longest and largest suspension bridge in the country.

In the same year President FDR took office and began his legacy of social programs to help lift the country out of the Great Depression and a Constitutional Amendment was passed to repeal the distracting disaster that was Prohibition. Much of the safety net protections and workplace reforms we have today were enacted in the next few years.

Of course far away in Europe the seeds of WWII were sown with the choosing of Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of Germany and in Asia with the rise of expansionist Japan. So storms like what hampered the building in San Francisco would challenge the world.

In 1914 the first Superman, George Reeves, was born. In 1592 Shah Jahan the 5th Mughal Emperor, who gave us the architectural marvel the Taj Mahal, was born in Pakistan. And 1928 the 42nd vice president of the US was born in Minnesota.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember to build bridges not walls.