During our cleanout of my late sister Sylvia’s place I found a letter that my mom had written to her at the beginning of 1974 letting her know of the birth of my second nephew, Jason. She wrote that he was born at 1:10 am on Dec 31st, weight 6 lbs, 12 ozs, length 21 inches. I had gotten the call from his dad, Mack, and relayed the news to mom and dad, since I had not yet gone off to college.

Some people commented about him being a tax-deduction baby, but in reality my sister Nancy really had wanted him to be born a day later, on January 1st, which is our grandma King’s birthday, but apparently he couldn’t wait.

That baby boy is now all grown up with kids of his own – one of whom, Summer, just turned 24 three days ago. My how time has flown. Jason has lived in Colorado and Oregon, served with the Army in South Korea and Alaska, and now resides with his wife Deb in Alabama. He also has achieved graduate degrees in social work. We are all proud of him, even though we don’t see him often enough – most of us being in Oregon and Washington, far away.

I remember a photo of the then 5 grandchildren that my sisters made for our parents. It was a nice grouping and in a nice frame that my parents treasured and kept hanging on the wall. I found a copy of it in my sister’s place and it is nice to remember them all as kids, now that they are all over 40. It reminds me of the picture that was taken just a few years before Jason was born, of my sisters and me and my parents – the original generation , as we all it – for a church directory. I hated it when I was a teenager, because it showed me as a little kid, but with age I grew to accept it. I’m sure there were similar feelings among my nephews and nieces of the young picture of them, and similar acceptance over time.

Happy Birthday Jason! I wish you and Deb the best in the new year. Hopefully we can see you again sometimes – in person, not just on Facebook:)