I did something today that I haven’t done in a long time – I wrote a check. Since I have been banking online for the past few years I pay all my bills electronically. But I am now the trustee for my late sister and as part of that, I had to write out some checks to finalize her accounts. It was weird – especially since my handwriting isn’t very good.

In the last couple of weeks, I had another rare occasion – putting on a tie. Not a bowtie that you could clip on, but one you had to wrap around and remember how to calculate so it would look right. I wore it to a friend’s wedding and to my sister’s memorial service. Fortunately, my hands remembered what my mind had forgotten. And then I put the ties away with my dress slacks and vest. I hardly ever dress up and believe in the Neil Diamond principle -“forever in blue jeans, babe”.

As we approach the new year we will all have to get used to writing 2023 and we will probably have other new experiences that will test our memory and adaptability. No one anticipated the covid years and who knows what we will encounter in the new year. Change is constant and family is precious. Make sure you are ready to learn new things and also remember lessons of the past.

And in light of my tie issue don’t let anyone pressure you into being or looking like someone you aren’t. There are so many people out there ready to give unrequested style, association, or opinion advice. I wear jeans in my 60s, wear tie-dyed shirts from the 60s, and believe that compassion for others matters the most and professionalism is in the attitude, not the attire.

Have great new Year!