What kind of things do you have trouble letting go of? And how much room in your life or living space is taken up with the things you can’t let go of? I have been spending the past four months clearing out the accumulation of what my late sister and brother-in-law could not let go of. Whether it be collected from surroundings or accumulated from daily activities it still took up space.

We all have things situations where we hold on to things too long. We have rationales -also known as excuses – for not throwing out. We fear that someone will want evidence for our actions – like 20 years of income tax returns, or paid bills. We may fear we will forget – or want tangible evidence of past events – like 4 years of college yearbooks or envelopes of pictures from a work party or family vacation. We may think that with enough effort we can resurrect a broken-down car or other machines. Or that some stray part may come in handy someday

We may even devise plans for a project when we have spare time. And in the meantime life with its demands and schedules goes on, leaving us no time to develop the project and plenty of scraps. We have the best of intentions but lack the effort to follow through.

So what things do you have problems letting go of? It might be a project, a person, or a boatload of records. Are you hampered by stuff crowding your living space? Or it might be toxic people who dampen your spirits. It might even be regrets, shoulds, or fears that trap you and prevent you from moving on to success.

The very act of tossing out or letting go of those things has energy. The more you let go, the more you are able to let go. Letting go is cathartic. It can give you the energy and momentum to continue on the path. All you have to do is begin and determine not to stop. And letting go of less-than-desirable things and people can open up space for you to do more and gain support from the things and people that can propel you forward.

Whatever is weighing you down, let it go.