Isn’t this the cutest face? I know, koalas don’t really have a sweet disposition – despite the Quantas ads. But they do look cuddly and approachable and they make a great wallpaper background for my computer screen. I love the variety of wallpapers that come up regularly. Recently there was this appropriate background:

Since we have had snow on the ground locally for several days it was appropriate. And a memory when the snow melts as it always does. Too quickly in some ways around here, but not quickly enough for some.

I remember once when I got a screen saver set from one of my sisters that had Northwest scenes on it. Unfortunately I had to restrict it to my home computer since we couldn’t use non-proprietary items on our work computers:(

Pictures do really brighten up a place. I remember the bare white walls of my bedroom during my teen years – and then joy of getting to paint the bare walls of my pre-teen year’s bedroom in the house I grew up in. I painted it my favorite color- orange – and yes, my sisters reminded me, it was bright:)

Be sure to appreciate the colors and scenery around you. I have in front of me as I type a brightly lit Christmas tree that is in contrast to the fading snow outside.