I love the Pacific Northwest. We have real white-capped mountains that we can see on clear days and occasionally we have snow nearby in our neighborhoods, that doesn’t last too long or get too deep, but provides a beautiful dusting that adds contrast to our many trees and hills. Today there is snow on the golf course and in the background you can see the Olympic Mountains across the Sound. If you look east you can see the Cascades, also with snow.

Snow in the neighborhoods can make driving and walking a little more dicy, but it won’t last long – just cause people to slow down a little, and maybe be more aware of their surroundings. The main roads get plowed and have plenty of traffic so getting around isn’t too bad.

It’s not like my college days in Ohio, where we used to joke “they don’t get the plows out until there’s at least a foot of snow on the ground”. I lived in the oldest dorm on campus and on the coldest days we would have frost on the inside of our windows. And we were on the warmer, south side. On the colder north side they might get ice on the windows. And space heaters were not allowed – they would blow the circuits.

I have experienced the opposite – the blazing heat and dryness of Arizona. The endless sunshine with nothing but rock piles and cactus. When people complain about rain and snow I just smile and say “that’s where the green comes from”. This is in my mind the best climate to live in and I am fully at home.

Wherever you are open your eyes and see what is near and what is far and see the beauty all around you.