We have a local businessman who I believe is a aeronautics supplier of Boeing who occupies a significant amount of an industrial section of town nearby. Normally it is just 8 large buildings and nothing special. He gets involved in local politics – a couple times running for city council. And let’s just say we really wish he would keep his politics to himself. He tends to be inflammatory- especially towards the Muslim members of our community. Fortunately he has lost both times he ran for office.

But at Christmas time he lights up the neighborhood. He places lights on many trees, stations reindeer and other Christmas-theme figures on both sides of the street by his buildings – including on one of the buildings you will see in the pictures below – and even has a large lit multi-string Christmas tree with a star on top of one of his many buildings. I couldn’t get a good pic of it today because of the clouds and sunshine, but it is amazing.

These pictures were taken today of the many lightings. The colors stand out more in the dark and it is a real treat. I hope you enjoy the these lights and the Christmas lights where you are. One of my favorite childhood memories was heading home from church downtown and seeing the lighted houses on the hills around our route home. They sparkled out from among the trees – a December treat for the holidays.

Christmas tree lights
manger scene
Santa Claus
first caroler
second caroer