Goodbye to November – it went quickly and said farewell with snow – and a brief power outage yesterday. We were fortunate here with just about 3 hrs of power loss and about 2-3 inches of (now) slushy snow. I took a short walk to pick up my morning coffee at a shop around the corner and managed to soak my tennis shoes thoroughly – they and my socks are drying off downstairs. But I got my coffee and didn’t have to go anywhere this morning.

I did have a couple of meetings scheduled – on zoom – but they got canceled because other people on the calls because some folks couldn’t get to work to connect. So I will do other tasks and gaze out at our snowy/slushy parking lot from my home office, past my shelf companions. The lineup includes a tie-dyed pterodactyl, two crocheted owls -thanks Sweetie – and an Edgar Martinez statue – thanks to a Seattle Mariners giveaway (yea, Mariners!).

November brought the finishing of my 80-day FB video challenge, which was very satisfying, including doing the last few outside on my phone when we were down in Corvallis dealing with my late sister’s estate. You should still be able to check out some of the videos since they are saved on FB for 30 days.

Here is another snow view – from the golf course around the bend. Trees shielded some so you can see the grass/snow contrast. I hope you all stay safe wherever you are and whatever the weather has brought you. Like all things in life this too will pass, so I hope you are able to enjoy it while it lasts.