You have to turn on the faucet in order for the water to flow. That is a metaphor for getting started on projects. Sometimes we spend so much time planning that we don’t get started doing. Research is important and planning is also, and making the right decision is vital. But if we don’t actually start nothing gets done. Another phrase is “even God can’t steer a parked car”. Sometimes we agonize over decisions fearing we might make the wrong choice. But not choosing is also making a choice -not a good one.

What projects are you putting off for fear of choosing wrong? What actions are you postponing because you can’t make up your mind how to start? Are you waiting for some sign to indicate which way to go? Perhaps there are some things you need to find out or questions to ask before you move forward. Those are first steps to take that will make your project start easier.

Perhaps there are people you need to be asking questions of to make sure of what you intend to do? Then those would be your first steps. Sometimes we hesitate at moving because the step seems too big. Cut the size down by asking advice, getting help, and making sure all the details are in line.

But after all that you just need to step up and start. Turning on the faucet so that the water can flow. You can then adjust the volume and temperature and direction of flow once the water is running. You can’t do anything with a dry faucet.