Timing is everything it seems. The reason why I did not drink much coffee in Phoenix, but waited until we moved to Seattle? It was too hot – plus I had not developed the taste yet. The time for drinking a hot mocha is on a cold morning when you can wrap your hands around the cup and warm yourself up. In Phoenix you need a nice iced drink to cool you off.

Today I went in search of a nearby coffee shop, but instead I spied the shop in the photo above. It is a favorite place of mine, but not today. At 27 degrees it is way too cold for ice cream. So I walked on to see the sights. I know, I could have, should have, put a jacket on, but hey I’m weird and impulsive so I just walked on. Not a long walk, but an energizing walk. It wasn’t breezy so just cold crisp air.

I also was not dressed in shorts. It’s not the time for it. I wear shorts longer than most – from March to the end of October – but then the jeans come out. I have seen walkers and runners recently who are still braving the cold with shorts, but not me. It’s not my time for it.

As the proverb goes there is a time for everything. You just have to figure out your timing. My wake time is early morning. For my sisters and my wife that time is later – all of them night owls. Some are overly ruled by time – you “can’t wear blank after blank”. Some are seasonal – white after Labor Day. Some are age related – you can’t wear such and such after a certain age.

But you should within reason make up your own rule. If what you do doesn’t harm anyone then do what you feel like. Some would say that after a certain age you shouldn’t wear tie dyes. But I am a rebel and a child of the sixties, in my sixties, and I wear tie dyed shirts all the time.

see ?

Live today, the way you want to. Today is the time to live fully you.:)