We have learned this couple weeks that there is power in numbers. Many individuals were motivated to turn out on Election Day and vote. And the heavy turnout helped stave off a red wave, reducing it to a trickle. It showed that people were still engaged and felt strongly that we should continue to go forward and not give up important gains. Of course there were others who were disappointed and just complained.

But what if the group action did not take place? What if we see ourselves as alone? Are our actions insignificant? No. It matters what we do even if we are not joined by a crowd. It is important to be true to who we are and stand out in our own place. We are a country that is committed to recognizing individuals and protecting individual rights. It has been a struggle sometimes, but it is at our core. The Bill of Rights garantees individual rights to all, not just citizens. So whether you are a leaf like this one.

Or like this:

Or one like this:

You are special, not just for being part of the falling leaves, but in who you are. You are enough and special. Just like I chose these individual leaves to photograph this morning. I love the leaf carpet, but I am also attracted to the individual leaves. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.