Winter is coming and fall has happened. Some trees are still hanging on to their leaves but a lot have let loose and spread this colorful carpet. This should remind us that there is a time for letting go. Do you have anything that you are holding on to? If you think about it you might realize that like leaves sometimes things have to go – and produce beauty in the letting go – or enable you to grow stronger without the pull of those “leaves”.

I walk every day and I keep my eyes peeled for sights like the photo below. Mushrooms are plentiful and every so often you see a perfect one like this. Make sure you aren’t so focused on where you are going that you miss these.

Rain doesn’t stop me from walking. I love to Pacific Northwest where, unlike the deserts of Arizona (where I used to live), most of the time the weather is very walkable. I love to see the chaos of nature, with branches blown around, leaves scattered, and pinecones every where. It was the main thing that kept me sane and secure during covid. When we couldn’t go out many places, at least not without a mask, I still could go for walks. It was already a daily habit that started my day out right. It helped secure my focus and give perspective to all the things I had to handle. It was the “pause that refreshes” to use a phrase from my childhood. When the smoke from wildfires invaded our area I really started to get cabin fever because the bad air quality curtailed my walks. But fortunately that didn’t last long and I had back my pressure valve release.

I am often amused with what people limit themselves due to “inclement weather”. Here is a sight that will dampen the spirits of local golfers:

no golf today 🙁

The trees that border the local golf course let loose their branches and so the only creatures active today were the crows looking for bugs and worms on the usually perfect greens. Since it was also steadily raining I didn’t think there would be anyone out there, but for a few days it will be “cleanup on the main fairway”. I know even though I have no attraction to golf I don’t wish to disparage those who do. I only hope that they can find some humor in having more “hazards” in their play.:)

What I would like to emphasis, once again, with these pictures is the need to stop and gaze at the natural surroundings we live in and not just gloss over as we motor on through life. Wherever we are there is beauty all around us if we only stop and look…and listen….and feel….and even taste and smell.

I also wanted to give you a heads up on a podcast that I am planning to begin about nature. I am calling it Personal Conversations with Nature. It will involve us asking ourselves three questions. 1. how aware are we of nature? 2. how do we interact with nature? and 3. what actions are we or should we be taking to conserve and preserve the beauty of nature for future generations? I hope you can tune in for the discussions and learn – and that I can learn from your comments. Stay tuned for more details.