I viewed a video recently that shed some new light on mushrooms. Typically we have looked at them as evidence of decay and the breaking down of the forest. But the process of old-growth forest specifically is one of a cycle of death and rebirth. Like the nurse tree (see photo below), which supports the sprouting of new trees, mushrooms also break down matter and lead to the sprouting of new vegetative life in the forest.

I have often seen the “blooming’ of mushrooms that come from newly laid compost or topsoil on lawn areas, but today I saw the sprouting of a new batch of mushrooms on an old stump and I thought again of the video I had seen, called Fantastic Fungi some of it might challenge the way you look at mushrooms but aren’t we all up to a little challenge sometimes? People don’t usually think of communication in this context but maybe we should.

Mushrooms are like compost which always provides the right soil balance to encourage new growth. They are not a sign of poor soil, but of rich, life giving space. Even if you don’t like the taste you should look on them favorable