sunrise through the leaves at Spencer Island

The early bird gets the worm, so the saying goes. But there are better rewards for early bird humans than worms. Like these sunrise views that I captured on my walk this morning. It was pretty foggy when I went walking the Spencer Island trail north of Everett. It was early enough that sunrise didn’t come until I was halfway through my walk. I was able to spot the rising sun through the trees in the shot above.

A little bit further I came upon a view looking out across the island, with the wildlife viewing platform in the foreground and got the sunrise again, in the photo below.

sunrise and platform

And then as I was making my way through the grass-braketed pathway to the far side of the island I got this shot below. I was trying to emphasize that sometimes you just make it through because you know you have walked this way before even when you can’t see the path. You have to trust that the path is there and focus on the goal ahead – in this case emphasized by that glowing red globe in the sky.

sunrise path

It is important not only to “keep your eye on the prize”, but also to be in the right place for the opportunities to be there to take advantage of – like getting good sunrise shots. I get them because I like to get up early. You might find it worth your while to get up early sometime, even if the rest of the time you enjoy sleeping in.