Have you ever walked off the beaten path just to see what you might see? Or do you just walk the same paths over and over because it is a safe habit? Are you a prisoner of routine or do you dream of what you might experience if you let yourself wander? As a notable saying goes “not all who wander are lost”. I wander all the time, take bunny trails a plenty, and can find some pretty funky things – like the tree with roots exposed above.

Our relationship with nature is complicated. Often we close off ourselves from it, blocking our senses, with music or podcasts, or phone calls as we walk along. Or by closing ourselves in our cars and homes and never letting ourselves travel on our own two feet. We miss the beauty and treasure of our natural world And we deny the dangers threatening our environment for fear or apathy – believing either that there are no threats or that we can’t do anything to help.

But if we make the issues personal there is plenty we can do. People have gathered in groups to “adopt a road” and assist with roadside trash cleanup. There are resources to recycle, compost, and reuse/repurpose. There are ways to cut down on our use of non-recyclable materials – like plastics. Education abounds to help us behave better, more caring of our environment.

And nature is available to all of us. Green areas are everywhere. Take the time to explore your neighborhood and open your senses to fully experience your world. You never know what your ears will hear, your eyes will see, even what aromas you will sense – fall is in the air. Do you see what I see?