I went to my garden plot by the church across the way this morning. I was expecting to take a final picture and then pull up the plants for compost. I was surprised by a couple of sights there. The first one was that my squash plant had a couple of new squashes.

The second surprise was that one of my bell peppers had turned partially red.

And so I did just a partial harvest – I decided to give the squashes a few more days to grow out before I harvested them and delay my close down of the garden plot until then. Thus I came back from my walk with a hot chorizo burrito- from the local coffee shop – and three freezingly cold peppers from my garden (the low temp this morning was 48 degrees).

I have loved the harvests from both my garden plot and my plants on the patio. Especially love the surprises that I have received – growing your own is good, they taste so much better than store-bought.