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Using Your Eyes, not just your camera

Using your eyes is important. Not just for seeing where you are going but also to see the world around you. We think of the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it is true. But there is another phrase just as valid “sometimes the picture doesn’t do it justice”. We take a lot of pictures – especially me. But there are times when we need to put down our camera and just look with our eyes. The eye can capture much more than any camera and sometimes we miss out on scenic beauty when we are so busy taking pictures of it.

Sure, it is important to take pictures for those who are not there – or couldn’t be. It is good to take pictures for memories – especially if it is a place or experience that we won’t be able to visit again. And there are times when a camera can record a stunning photo that we can use to illustrate a point – like in this blog. But you will notice that I do not have a photo for this post and that is a point in itself.

We tend to rush through experiences and take photos in passing, never really living it. It’s like taking furious and copious notes on a great speech but failing to absorb it. We have bits and pieces for our memory but not the whole flow of ideas. As the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle puts it “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Sometimes we need to pause in the middle of beautiful places and just breathe in the atmosphere and gaze out on the scene – let our senses fully experience where and when we are. “Stop and smell the roses” is one way to express it. These days I am sensing fall is in the air – I can smell it, I can feel it in the wind. Can you? Will you take the time to do that today? I hope so.




Wild Weather


  1. Anni

    It’s funny your talking about this my husband and I went for a drive yesterday and went a park where there was a spot that just had tall pine trees, a camera could only capture a little of what we experienced. The smell of clean air ,the peacefulness we felt no rushing of cars just the sound of nature. A good relaxing time, sometimes we need to slow down go back to nature and realize how small we really are and how wonderful nature is no rules or schedules just peace and calmness.
    Thanks for the vlog keep them coming

    • rpk

      Thanksfor commenting. I remember a visit my wife and I took to Arches National Monument in Utah. It was so quiet you couldn’t hear any traffic.
      And then we went to Salt Lake City for the Olympics and it was quite the opposite.

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