How weird are you? Do any of the above combinations appeal to you? Popcorn with M&Ms, Popcorn with Snickers, Popcorn with Oreos, or Popcorn with Twix? These were oddities that I found at a normal grocery store – name withheld to shield them from scorn of the straightlaced meat and potatoes only crowd. But store begins with a Q for those curious and adventurous.

I have a habit of taking pictures even while grocery shopping. Sometimes I snap a pic for comparison, sometimes for future purchase ideas, some just to note and share what crazy things I see. I am convinced that sometimes food companies just toss things out on the shelves to see how many people will actually buy them – on a whim. This looks like a trend – popcorn with chocolate – reminds me of the dark chocolate versions of various candy bars years ago. I personally like dark chocolate so I tried them all.

They last for a while and then fade away. And they are usually in products with plenty of sugar and salt – two ingredients I should shy away from but are guilty pleasures anyway. Of course it is fall so pumpkin is in everything.. Reminds me of one time I made pumpkin fudge, which actually turned out quite tasty.

How tempted you are by these can indicate how flexible you are. Not that you would make them a regular habit, but that you would consider them. I think being flexible is a good trait And it doesn’t matter if your friends are critical – you can enjoy them anyway. Just don’t tell your doctor:) Even then if you are balanced in your diet a guilty pleasure food wise is okay.

So what will you see next time you go shopping? And will you let yourself go wild. Shopping should be fun. Even if you just look and laugh. And, truth be told I didn’t buy any of these- though I have occasionally bought similar items.