Commitment is important. Being there when and where you say you will makes a difference. Especially in team events. The world is unfortunately full of people who either will not commit, or will say they are committed but fail to show up. Better to say “no I can’t” at the first, then to say “yes” and not show up. When I was in Little League I was not very good, but I enjoyed playing. I knew my Dad could not make it to the games due to work. It was disappointing, but at least I don’t remember him ever letting me down by saying he would come and then not. I don’t have any specific memories of my mom being there, though I think she might have been. I remember riding to practice and games with a neighbor lady who had her own kids in Little League.

I know that what my parents committed to they would carry out. I treasure the annual camping trips we took with mom and dad and my sisters. My parents were committed to each other and to all of us kids. They allowed us to roam the neighborhood at will and yet had certain expectations about meal times, school work, and being home before dark. We were a family.

As I look back I see examples of commitment in the hard times. My grandfather (dad’s side), my dad, and my uncle Phil all signed up for military service during war. My grandfather served over in Europe with the American Expeditionary Force in WWI

and with the Army Coast Artillery in WWII. My dad registered for selective service in 1940 in the run up to WWII but was classified 4-F (bad eyes) and so was not drafted.

And my Uncle Phil was a Navy pilot training cadets to fly in 1942.

They all were committed to protecting this country and they did it without hesitation.

Think about the commitments that you have made -or are called to make. Do you treat them seriously? Are you someone that people can depend on? I hope that we will not be faced with the commitments that these family members were called upon to make. But I hope that we can all be counted on to step up and deliver on the daily commitments we face. As a fellow toastmaster said during the planning of an event recently – teamwork makes the dream work.