How do you measure success? How do you define it, or picture it? Sometimes it doesn’t all depend on you. Like the pepper pictured above. I didn’t make it, and I haven’t always had success with growing chili peppers -or often no success in growing any veggies. One year I had a flourishing roma tomato plant only to lose every tomato because it was too close to the damp ground and blossom-end rot traveled up from the soil and destroyed the “fruits” of my labor.

I have had some luck with cherry tomatoes – very much so this year. And yet strawberries and other plants have no faired as well. This year I had success with squash, cucumber, radishes, and chili peppers. I had so many peppers that one plant collapsed with the weight. And I had a few -like the one pictured above – that turned from green to bright red. I call that a sucess.

Oftentimes we miss successes because we are looking for something huge and outstanding and fast. We miss out on the slow, steady, incremental movements that propel us forward. We are looking for leaps and jumps, when if we stop to think it is the daily accumulation of small simple steps that actually get us where we need and want to go. Celebrate the small steps.