cub scout sign seen locally

Signs can bring back memories. I saw this one at a local school and it took me back to childhood. Specifically to elementary school. My three biggest activities (outside of weekly church attendance with my family) were the orchestra, Little League, and Cub Scouts. I played the cello in 4th grade before switching to the flute. I got to play on a championship team one year but maintained a perfect .000 batting average all 3 years I played. I have pictures of each team I was on and I generally had a good time inhabiting right field begging the ball not to come to me,

I also was part of a cub scout pack in our neighborhood. I remember the pinewood derby races, at least one backpacking trip, and my uniform. I thought it was cool, even though I didn’t excel in much – no significant badges. I do remember one year we did a pancake breakfast in downtown Portland at a scout gathering. It was a blur but enjoyable, with other boys I knew from school. For some reason, financial or otherwise I didn’t advance into Boy Scouts even though I did achieve the highest rank in Cub Scouts.

Later on, in high school, I played flute in the band and got to march in the annual Grand Floral Parade as part of the Portland Rose Festival. Five miles in dress shoes and a black and red uniform with a high-top furry black cap. We memorized two TV show theme songs and played them while we marched. They were Hogan’s Heroes and Hawaii Five-O. I remember them well to this day. My feet were sore at the end, but I’m really glad I was able to do it. Especially since that summer, we moved to Phoenix and I never got the chance again.

Community involvement is important. People get to know their neighbors. Kids get to have fun, productive activities. Before the seriousness of work-life settles in it is important to let kids be kids, without a heavy weight of expectations. And as adults, we need to periodically take some R&R to enjoy life. Remember and release your inner kid. It’s good for your community.