I love lady bugs and so does my wife Debbie. She loves them so much that she painted some stones to resemble lady bugs. I think she did a great job, don’t you? We decided to share them with the community so I placed three of them in our local church community rock garden. The garden has a slogan “take one for inspiration, share one for motivation, and donate one to help our garden grow”. So we did.

The garden starts out with a whole bunch of stones, and then gradually the numbers go down as people take them for inspiration or share them for motivation. The three lady bugs that my wife made went quickly – people really loved them. I like how they stand out bold and colorful.

She has painted many more stones – all of them beautiful – and they are scattered throughout our place, by my desk upstairs and in our patio garden. They remind me daily of my wife’s creativity and love. And I guess my plants must like them too because everything is growing great – just like it would if the living ladybugs were there to get rid of plant pests like aphids.