Don’t be afraid to be weird – there might be those who are weirder still and if you stick out that’s okay because you will be remembered. I am weird and proud of it It means I am unique and unafraid to be different. It also means that I am a rebel and want to set my own course. Labels corral you, but embracing your inner weirdness can set you free.

I do however have my limits. I love Chopped and enjoy the mix of basket ingredients. Occasionally they let the viewers determine the ingredients and sometimes as in the episode pictured above it can result in consternation and yet humor. I have never had culotte steaks but it’s probably not that different from a normal steak. I like squash from time to time, and currently have some growing in my garden plot. I like french toast, peanut butter, and chocolate, though might not appreciate them all mixed together – but might try once. I have tried Limburger cheese -once. Not a fan of the taste, the smell, or the texture. I applaud the contestants on Chopped for being able to come up with creative dishes using these 4 ingredients.

I guess my point is just try. Try new things, try new combinations. Step out of your comfort zone with your taste buds. You don’t have to stick with anything, and don’t have to finish everything on your plate (don’t tell your mom I said that). It’s not like the ancient days when people took risks to try new things that could be potentially toxic. Most of the food we have available has been through inspection enough to be safe. Your only task is to see if it passes your taste buds and nose.

And you don’t have to like what others like or dislike what they find awful. I don’t like beets but some people love them. I like calamari, but others find it rubbery. I will try most anything once – I tried chicken feet – once. What new thing have you tried lately? Or are you afraid to be weird?