Nobody’s perfect – we all have holes. Just some of ours are more visible than others. And we tend to see our own as glaring and others as invisible. We are our own worst critics. We are nervous about how we come off with others when they are probably as nervous about us. If we can collectively admit that we all have flaws then perhaps we can accept each other as we are and work together to overcome those faults and help each other become more effective versions of ourselves.

There are of course those who see themselves as perfect and flawless. Those who react angrily when someone points out their obvious flaws. Instead of admitting imperfection they try to paper over the holes. And, just like the green pepper above it does no good – the flaw will show through and be revealed when the pepper is picked. People need to realize that you can cut out the holey part and eat the rest with no ill effect – it doesn’t affect the taste.

We also need to remember that even with holes we grow. This holey pepper was once much smaller than its neighbor with a tiny hole. It grew, and the hole grew with it. Our imperfections don’t limit our growth and they don’t define us. This hole came from the outside, not inside. It was made by an insect, yet the pepper still grows and at harvest it probably will taste just fine.

Be good to yourself and realize that the holes you see in yourself are the scars of what you have gone through. They may hurt but they don’t change your identity anymore than this hole changes this pepper. You are still a person of worth and value and a gift to this world.