Just bloom, bloom where you’re planted, bloom when you can, bloom, and show people that there is still beauty in the world. There is a wide variety of blooms differing in color, design, and times. The petunia ( first pic above) comes in various colors and designs. I love the starry pattern of this one, which thrives in planters, hanging and otherwise. I used this pic as my background for zoom for a while, but the brightness overwhelmed my image and so had to change it.

The squash bloom (2nd pic) is from my latest garden planting. Its strong yellow star-shaped heralds the coming of the squash buds. I have several squashes starting to make up for the bloom’s short life. The plant is my second attempt the first was nibbled down by the garden bunnies shortly after planting and so I dug in a second plant which has grown huge with many blooms. Persistence pays off.:)

The bottom pic is a foxglove, one of my favorites. It can’t be bound to a certain place. it is a vociferous self-starter and spreads throughout yards and out in the wild. I love the pattern on the inside.

And the 3rd pic is unique. It is rosemary- a hardy herb that thrives in hot dry conditions, even in poor soil. The flavor of herbs like it intensifies under duress. You have to be careful because you can “kill it with kindness”. Too much water or rich soil and it will suffer. When it blooms it produces small fragrant blue flowers, but you have to be patient and wait for it. In the past, I had two plants that grew to 3ft in diameter. However, the winter chill did them in. I miss them and so am trying to grow one again.

People are like blooms. They don’t all look the same or bloom at the same time. Some blossom right away but others you have to wait for. All should be appreciated as equal. Think about what kind of bloom you are and where you best grow and make sure to show your color to the world no matter what reaction you may encounter.

Bloom where you are planted:)