Intuition, initiative, intention, innovation, and imagination – what do they all have in common? They all are part of an active life full of potential and progress. They are integral (another I) to pursuing dreams and not just let life run you over or pass you by. It can be stressful reacting to life’s bumps and bruises and sometimes it is tempting to just lay low, keep your head down and save energy for the next wave. But being active is better than just reactive and it can allow us to change the narrative and beat life to the punch. This week I would like to examine each of these tools for an active life.

Imagination is not daydreaming, not wishful thinking, but rather an active visualization of what could be. It’s like a walk-through for the mind to help the body be prepared to act. Initiative means taking action without asking permission – giving yourself permission to boldly act. Innovation means leaving the routine, normal, and reaching out to try things new or in a new way. Intuition means trusting yourself that you know things without having to reason it out. And intention means doing things with purpose, not just going with the flow or reacting to what happens. It means actively taking charge. We will go into detail on each of these and what they mean for us.

But for now think about what each of these words and the concepts mean to you personally. Do they resonate with you or do they scare you? Do they sound like something that would help you live a more active and fulfilling life. Sometimes it takes time to realize what works. Think on your life and see if you can remember times when one of these words characterized your life.