Do you remember the first time you say the Wizard of Oz? Do you remember the transformation when Dororthy went from the black and white of Kansas in the tornado and then woke up in the colorful land of Oz? And do you remember your first color TV and how special it was? We had black and white for quite a while and went up to a neighbors house to watch the movie because they had a color TV. It may seem silly now, but it was big thing back then to have a color TV. I know I am aging myself, but it’s true.

I want you to have a similar experience in nature today. Too often we take things for granted, like the colors around us. We really don’t think about them and how they combine to make our world beautiful. So this week I’d like you to think about color and your reactions to it. You see, each color can bring up certain emotions and each person is different. Most people have a favorite color- mine is orange, my wife’s is purple. And some people have colors they don’t care for – to see or to wear.

We see the use of color to make differences. Stop lights use red, yellow and green. National flags come in all sorts of colors and shapes – ours being red and white stripes, and a blue field of stars. Companies use combinations of colors to help you remember their product. And animals use color to stand out or to camoflauge. We associate certain colors with ideas. But what kind of order do we see in color?

If you look around you out in nature what is the most common color you see? Green. Trees, grass, many growing plants. You might think that the primary color of our world is green, but it isn’t. There are three primary colors – Red, blue, and yellow. All other colors are made up of a combination of those three – will talk about that later. Today let’s think about those three primary colors.

Blue reminds us of the clear blue sky and cool bright water – lakes, rivers, the ocean. Seeing forever. And of true love. Red reminds us of fire, warmth – remember roasting marshmallows over a campfire? And yellow reminds us of the sun, bananas, and lemons.

Colors can also bring up negative feelings – like someone in a down blue mood, or someone in a red rage, or cowardly yellow. It’s all in how you look at life and what you see when you see those colors. It isn’t a matter of good or bad, colors are neutral, but our reactions can be very different. Think about how you view colors, especially the primary ones. And tomorrow we will talk about combinations that bring us the other colors.

What makes you go “ahhhh:) “?