Do you see what I see? Seeing is believing they say. Without vision the people perish, it is said. Can you see me now? we are asked. But what do we use our sense of sight for? Scrolling through Facebook, watching inane shows on TV, staring at blank pages wondering what we should write? Too much time staring at the four walls of our cooped up lives – thanks Covid:(

We have a great gift with which we can explore our world, but only if we take the time to go out into it. All creatures great and small inhabit it, as you can see by my pictures today. I recently walked another section of the Sammamish River trail and found these two creatures along the way. I helped a yellow snail complete its journey across the path – wouldn’t want to have it get stepped on or run over. And I was able to observe a blue heron in the marshlands along the trail -was he posing for me?

I also saw many walkers, runners, and bicyclists along the way. They were all out and about to take advantage of a weekend that, though rainy, was a fine time for exercise. It takes effort to go walking but it is worth it.

In our vision, we must not only notice what we see and treasure it. We must also be noticing the things we are not seeing. I noticed the absence of chaos among the people I encountered. I was pleased to notice very little trash along the trails – people tended to pick up after themselves. I also enjoyed the absence of motor vehicles – something that I later had too much of on my journey home.

At one spot I encountered someone packing up their tent. It was their temporary home in the forest. It reminded me that not everyone is as fortunate as I to have a roof over my head. We must see those who are less fortunate and that there are still things to improve in our world. To look without seeing is not helping anyone. We must remember to always look with our hearts. Both to appreciate what we have and to be motivated to help those who have less. Do you see what I see?

Next time: hearing and listening