Are you oblivious to the world around you? Are you constantly surrounded by a cacophony that drowns out any meaningful interaction with what is happening? Sometimes the drumbeat of news, sports, and even music can be so overwhelming that we miss much of the sensations of life going on all around us. Not just us introverts, but all people need to take time out to literally and physically “stop and smell the roses along the way.

I want to examine just what we should be exercising our senses for this week. But first, we need to make sure that we are more than just analytical – gathering data. It is one thing to notice what our senses pick up. It is quite another thing to let down our defenses and absorb the impact of what they sense.

For instance, do you see things or are you actually looking at them, appreciating the differences? Do you hear the sounds of nature or of friends or are you actively listening with discernment.? Do you guzzle drinks or gobble food or do you take time to savor food? Have you ever just strolled across a stretch of grass in your bare feet and reveled in the feel of it.?

We need to not just open our senses to the world but have our brain connected to those so that we can process the input in a way that enriches us. Again not be just reactive but proactive. Let our curiosity fuel our search for meaningful interaction with the world around us. Not just with nature, but with each other, going beyond just the superficial.

Stay tuned for our sense exploration.