Have you ever felt like the proverbial tree falling in the wilderness and wondering if anyone hears or knows you are there? Do you feel like you are invisible or don’t know where to start to make a difference? Starting to be a voice can be like that sometimes. What you need is to find common souls, those others who share your passion. A network to collaborate with, for support when your energy flags, for help in brainstorming and sparking new ideas.

For me, my voice has been channeled by Toastmasters. For the past eight years, I have spoken regularly and learned to grow by encouraging feedback. I have also have had the opportunity to be a leader and encourage others to take the plunge and find their voice. When I first started to blog I felt a lack of feedback. But then I realized that I have a base to build upon – the four clubs that I am a part of in one way or the other. I realize that I can rely on them for initial feedback. If public speaking is your forte one of these places may be the place for you.

And since in the days of covid most of us are connecting remotely we can connect around the world, even though these clubs are all local to the Pacific Northwest. Leading Edge Toastmasters | Kirkland, WA (leadingedgetm.org is an advanced club geared to helping existing Toastmasters excel through enhanced evaluations. Edmonds Toastmasters Club (toastmastersclubs.org) is my home club, which currently is holding hybrid meetings – in person at the Pancake Haus in downtown Edmonds, WA, and on zoom with members from Texas to Michigan. Confidence Builders Club (toastmastersclubs.org) is a club that I have been associated with for some time and am currently coaching. Each of these is a good place to start if you want to explore public speaking and are open to new members. The fourth club I am part of is HNTB Sparks, is a closed corporate club. All of these have been a boon to me in my progress in public speaking.

Whatever you do, spend some time brainstorming where and with whom will you connect for support and common cause as you speak out for change