What works for you? What resonates? Once you have determined to be proactive and not reactive, to be a voice and not just an echo, and you have found your Why? what do you do with it? How will you express your passions? What method will you use to voice that desire to change the world?

There are many ways to make an impact. Doctors Without Borders reach the world through medicine. Legal Aid Societies impact the world, and it’s underserved and disadvantaged communities through pro bono legal services. Chef Andre cooks in places of disaster and refugee camps. What would this world be without the impact of sculptures, painters, classical musicians of the past whose art we enjoy over a century or two or more since they lived and worked.

There are many ways to influence the world. It is up to you to examine yourself and your gifts and find a way that works for you. No gift is too small, no effort insignificant. The combined actions of many can achieve much. If you are unsure and perhaps shy find a group of like-minded individuals that you can collaborate with to build confidence and strength.

My voice right now is through writing and speaking. I will talk about that more in the next post, but enough here to say that i have found a group of people to collaborate with and learn from and it has helped me greatly over the past eight years in finding my voice. Don’t let anything stop you from finding that and giving voice to your particular way to enrich the world and folks around you. As a friend recently told me “just start and persist”.