I once stayed up all night playing the board game Risk. It was my freshman year in college, and I was young and foolish. Now I work in an industry that is constructed around risk and the avoidance of it – Insurance. We want to encourage people to avoid risk by getting regular medical care to avoid minor issues becoming major.

Taking risks results in growth. But we have to remember a few things about the risk to go about it wisely. For one thing, everyone has their own unique risk threshold. Things that would seem risky to some would be looked at as ordinary by others and vice versa. In college, I viewed dating as risky – the risk of being turned done, of embarrassment, etc. On the other hand, the Flying Wallendas – a high wire act, thought nothing of walking wires between highrises. So don’t assume you have to measure up to what others may attempt.

Secondly, taking risks doesn’t mean that you don’t prepare and have a plan for obstacles you might encounter. It just means that you don’t get so bogged down in the planning that you don’t step out and go. It means you don’t wait until you have everything perfect before you venture out.

And lastly, you need to make sure the reward is worth the risk. We usually see this as the goal or prize is worth the effort. That is why I’m not that much into video games. The reward for success just wasn’t worth the effort. I want to do things that are worth my time. Again everyone is different. I know plenty of people who love video gaming and do it constantly. Good for them I say, as I go for a walk or curl up with a good book. In order for us to take risks, the reward must be visible and valuable.

Taking risks is worth the effort to grow, unlike staying up all night playing a board game