It’s not just a ’70s song that got used for a ketchup commercial, that can get stuck in your mind like many others. It’s one of the best ways to prepare for change. Every time you choose a change or have one thrust upon you there are things you can anticipate. If you are interviewing for a job you can research the company, you can read up on the position, ask others who have done it before what to expect. For many of life’s happenings – moving, unemployment, getting married, or divorced, having kids, etc. – you have others you can talk to who have been there before. Even drastic things like unexpected surgery or grief there are those who have traveled the road before and you can get an idea of the challenges and necessary steps and think ahead of how you will confront them.

Planning ahead can make things more manageable and give you goals to work on. Keeping active and being able to visualize some measure of control can help change seem less daunting. Not free of stress but the ability to reduce it. Nothing is worse than facing change, being charged up, and having no target to focus your energy on.

There is also another aspect to anticipation and that is to anticipate the opportunities – for good things to be revealed. Growth and increased knowledge, gratitude for what you have. There may be the opportunity to let go of things that have been holding you back and grab onto things that will help you move forward.

And then there is this: try to make time to plan for positive change. Do something beyond the routine and take a chance to better yourself. When I got let go several years ago it wasn’t the most pleasant and definitely was sudden. But out of it I found my way to a much better work environment, got a big relief from work stress, and connected with Toastmasters. With Toastmasters I have been able to improve both my speaking and leadership skills, make many new contacts, and help others grow in confidence and expression. So make sure to be proactive, not just to survive the tough times but to thrive and change for the better. To reference another 70’s song – Take a chance …on yourself!