How we treat others is important – for us and for them. And how you treat those who might be considered less fortunate or less powerful than you sends a message to all. We get caught up in payback, karma, or righting wrongs. Don’t get me wrong justice is important and those who harm others should suffer consequences. But how many times do we step out of line and sail free? How many times have we been guilty and not suffered?

And how many times have we suffered loss and received relief due to the kindness of others? What does it cost us to be nice to others? Not the fake plastered smile we shine while our hearts are not in it. But the basic human decency that all deserve, There is more than enough meanness, hatred, and ugliness in our world. Especially in the days of covid we need to remember that nice is also contagious and we need to pass it on. And remember that kindness matters. It may not make a big splash, but to the lonely and lost it can mean a lot – sometimes even make the difference between life and death.