As you may know, if you have read my blog before, I have an inspiration point just down the road. The #Kindness Rocks garden initiated by Point of Grace Lutheran church here in Mukilteo has been a bright spot in the dark mornings when I go on my daily walks. However, I have missed it since about just before Thanksgiving, when the stones dwindled to very few and then ceased to be there. I was wondering if the church had abandoned the project, but then today the garden was full again and my heart was glad. Sometimes you need just a word or two to pick you up at the start of another workday and I got a burst of it today!

As you can see there are many stones – each with its own message. To give you a taste of what is there I want to share some stones and their messages. I haven’t read them all, just took a few pictures. In the days to come, I will share more.

Be a buddy, not a bully. Everybody needs a friend, someone to share the ups and downs of life with. Especially kids. Today there are way too many stories of bullies. Be the source of stories about buddies instead.

Dream big. Life is too short to spend it just existing, never trying to make a difference. Let your imagination free and see what dreams may appear:)

Sometimes we get caught up in competition, or we are in a hurry to get somewhere. We need to remember that life is a journey, not a race, and sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. It is important to have goals, but life is lived in small segments too. This was brought home to me vividly last weekend. I was walking on a trail that I was used to running, and I realized that I had missed a lot by running. The runs were good exercise and I could go further. But that day I decided just to walk and observe, and I was amazed at the sights and sounds I encountered, I found a stone with a seahorse painted on it, just set on a tree trunk. I would have missed it if I was running, but walking by it drew my attention.

Be sure to not be in such a hurry that you miss little bright spots, like this: