Are you curious, about your world, about how things work, about what motivates people? I like to say that I was born in a library. My mom majored in botany and then took graduate courses and got a second bachelor’s degree in library science. Both my parents were avid readers, so we had tons of books in the house, including a full current set of the National Geographic magazine. this encouraged a love of reading and enabled me to explore the world from my own humble home.

I was born curious and explored my neighborhood and the surrounding countryside. I had a few years where I walked to school instead of taking the bus and loved walking in the woods to and from. It was more peaceful than the chaos on the school bus and the press of many kids – I was a shy kid growing up.

I not only explored nature and far away places, but also most every subject imaginable. I loved science and history, language and culture, food and politics. And I wanted to share that knowledge with others. In my family, it was assumed that you would go on to college after high school and I was eager to. Although it took me 6 yrs and a change in major I eventually graduated.

The love of knowledge and the desire to share it eventually lead me to Toastmasters where I regularly share speeches that hopefully enlighten and encourage others to keep learning – not just the raw knowledge, but the wisdom to know what to do with it.

Part of my why is to inspire others to explore their world and understand how things work, how they need to change, and how we can promote that change.