We live in a world where we expect the answers to just stand out clearly for us. We ask a question and the world answers. Like the picture above – the joy of life on a pair of rocks. But all too often reality is like the picture below – lots of things all scattered around. Sometimes we have to move life around – or move around to see the truth. You might notice that joy and life are in both pictures, just easier to see in the one.

And when we do move around or move around we can see that there are other truths there – like karma, play, just be you. Try and see how many words of wisdom you can see if you turn the picture around.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by information overload. We try to handle everything at once. We feel like we have to respond to everything at once. It can happen in life as it happens at work. So many things are put forth as a priority that the word becomes meaningless. If everything is a priority then nothing is a priority. We have to bite the bullet and choose. That involves risk and failure and so often we are so afraid of failing that we don’t try. But the only way to see the way forward, just like seeing life and joy in the picture below, is to focus.