The cherry tomatoes are coming – starting to turn red!

I have been growing cherry tomatoes this year. I have carefully watered and fertilized and stabilized the plant as it has stretched tall and wide. It stretched so far that some of the branches are resting on the neighboring container’s cage. That one used to have another tomato plant growing in it but it didn’t survive the heat in early summer, so I planted a jalapeno pepper plant there instead and it is now showing signs of bearing fruit

Last year I had quite a number of tomato buds, but they quickly turned red too soon, when they were quite small. This year I have applied more Miracle Grow fertilizer and so I not only have oodles more tomatoes, but they are growing consistently bigger and these are the first 2 to turn red.

There is nothing like the taste of fruit or vegetable picked and popped in your mouth. I pick blackberries from the neighborhoods around and eat them right off the bush. When I grew up I could pick cherries, blackberries, pears, apples, plums, and grapes right off the bush or tree or vine and eat them sun-warmed. Yum. I plan to do the same with these cherry tomatoes.

I also have a bell pepper plant that I think may get multiple peppers from. The last time I grew bell peppers they were the size of my small jalapeno peppers, but I am hoping that this time (with more fertilizer applied) they will grow larger.

My garden may be small but I am enjoying the results anyway. Remember to bloom – or grow – where you are planted.