We live in such an appearance-oriented world that we even want our food to be perfect. If you saw strawberries like the ones above in the store you might pass them by, thinking that they couldn’t be good and look as gnarly as those. But to me, those are the latest fruit produce of my garden and I looked forward to juicy bites.

I always chafed at the “professional look” emphasis —implying that if you didn’t dress a certain way that you couldn’t be professional. Now the pandemic and move to remote working gave many of us the freedom to rebel. Some even took the really casual no pants look, since as long as you are sitting down no one sees below the waist. I don’t get quite that relaxed- I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

What will we find when we go out again? Will we have to spice up our wardrobe, or will we preserve our casualness? Will we return to being a slave to fashion, or remember the losses of Covid and remember that there are more important things than looking good.

And for many of us, the change may be permanent. We have come to realize that there are loads of jobs that don’t require office visits but instead be easily done at home. Maybe that will give us the freedom to break with the ‘professional look’ obsession and focus on being real. I hope so -—here’s to the gnarly. Let’s end the obsession with perfection.