Nature is calling ‘come out and play’
Put down the work, you are done for the day
All work and no play makes Jack a dull child
Put down the work and let yourself go wild

Bob King

I love to walk and I do it daily, right before starting work. I’ve always liked to walk and hike. It always puts me in a good frame of mind, provides needed exercise, and keeps me in touch with nature. I never am plugged in, either to music or podcasts, when I walk. I want to be able to hear all the sounds of nature around me. I love hearing the frogs on a cold winter morning, the woodpeckers that I occasionally see, and even the crying crows out in the street playing chicken with cars. I see the scampering squirrels that I urge to keep moving out of the street, and even saw a pair of raccoons slinking across the road.

My favorites, however, are the wild bunnies. They, and the ever-present robins, are a sign that spring has arrived. And since the advent of summer, they are more prevalent than ever. Today I counted eight along my two-mile walk around the neighborhood. I love being in the Pacific Northwest with the forests and rivers and mountains. And I love all the variety of creatures who also call this home. I spent my time in the deserts of Arizona and don’t miss it. There are those who find that fascinating, and they are welcome to it, but it’s not for me.

Make sure to take time to appreciate your surroundings and the creatures that live near you. Feel the breeze, smell the new grass and blossoms. Especially in trying times we all need to breathe deeply of nature. Stop and smell the roses, and say hello to the wild bunnies. They won’t understand a word you say, but it will still be good for you to say it. Nature is calling, make sure you answer.